Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had so much fun on Halloween. From the time that the kids woke up in the morning they were constantly asking me if it was time for Trick or Treating yet. To pass some time we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Higham's house. Sarah had made some Halloween Sugar Cookies for the kids to decorate. So the kids decorated cookies and played with cousins. We were able to get home just in time for Grandpa Bruschke to bring in some pizza for us for dinner. Spencer was so excited to go Trick or Treating that he inhaled his pizza. The girls still took their time in eating, but were finally able to finish without too much persuasion. Then on to the fun part, Trick or Treating.Spencer was a "green dinosaur with horns".Natalie was a dragon.Bailey our little Tiger.
And our bumble bee Tanner.
The kids seemed to get the hang of Trick or Treating quickly. Spencer and Natalie were cute to encourage Bailey to the next door, even if she did slow them down a little.
Grandpa Bruce kept us company around the block. It was nice to have another set of hands. He pushed Tanner around and made sure to point out all the cool decorations to him while I stayed with the other kids. The next three pictures are the kids with their candy. Way too much if you ask me. By the end Bailey was complaining about the weight, but Natalie and Spencer probably would have gone on had we not finished all the houses in our neighborhood.
And these last three pictures are from cookie decorating earlier in the week. The kids love decorating cookies, and eating them of course. If it weren't for the mess, I would make them all the time because it keeps them entertained forever. Don't they look so proud of their work?


Megan Bruschke said...

Those pictures are SO cute! It looks like you have had a great Halloween!
Thanks for housing my husband all week - it is nice to know that he isn't alone in a hotel room, but has a fun place to go back to after a hard day of work!
Miss you all!

Cami Bruschke said...

That's a lot of candy! The piles look almost as bit as they are! Cute costumes too!

Ruth said...

Awww! They are ll so adorable! I love Spencer's cookie face! They each got about as much candy as all of our kids put together! I hope that keeps me from forcing them to share with me!