Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Soccer is over

Spencer's soccer season is officially over. We had his team party on Saturday and he had so much fun. The boys on the team made the year a blast.
Here is Spencer with Coach Mike and Coach Scott. Coach Scott was a hard core coach, and although at times I got frustrated with how he ran the team, he taught the boys a ton.
Spencer was the last to get his trophy and was so patient while he waited for all the other boys to get their trophy. He loves his trophy and proudly has it on display in his room. It is actually pretty cool. The head and body bobble on the leg that is attached.
Spencer is going to play T-ball in the spring and is already talking about getting a trophy from that. Oh, the pleasures we have as little children.


Khayyam said...

wow! i never got a cool "wiggle" trophy when i played soccer. maybe we'll have to move to your area so my boy can get a cool soccer trophy too!

The Redford Family said...

That is the cutest trophie ever. Brooklyns is sooo cheap and ugly. Gold. It is so cheap. I wish we had cute ones like that. I love the soccer cake.