Friday, October 30, 2009

Poor Tanner Boy

About a week ago Natalie, Bailey and Tanner were all sitting at the piano when Bailey decided that she was a little crowded, so she pushed Tanner off the bench. Unfortunately his two front teeth took the grunt of the fall, dislocating one of them (did you know that you could dislocate a tooth? Yeah, me either). Luckily we know our dentist well and were able to get him in right away and she was able to put it back into its socket. This picture is him about an hour after he hit it.
Poor boy wouldn't drink anything and was drooling all over the place. Now, a week later, he is back to his old self, eating fine and letting us brush his teeth without any hesitation. Unfortunately, both top front teeth are turning black. So far the gums look great around the teeth, so mostly like he won't have to get them pulled, but we will definitely be keeping an eye on him and his teeth for the next little while.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

On Tuesday night we had the chance to carve pumpkins as a family. Even more fun was that Grandpa Bruce was able to join us for the event. Earlier in the day I had Spencer, Natalie and Bailey each draw on a sheet of paper what they wanted their Jack-o-lantern to look like, so when it came time for carving we were all ready to go. Dad and Spencer worked together, Grandpa and Natalie worked together, and Bailey and Mom worked together, with Tanner helping anyone that would let him.

We had the kids do the "dirty" work of cleaning out the pumpkins, which I think in the end they really enjoyed, although each of them was not too sure about it in the beginning. I really wish I had captured their faces at the first touch of the "guts", although I think Spencer's face is pretty good.
(Don't you love the difference between Natalie's and Bailey's techniques: Natalie getting the biggest handful she can while Bailey uses the pinching between two fingers technique!)
I was impressed with the different faces that the kids came up with, even if they all look a little bit alike. We had fun and can't wait until next year to carve pumpkins again (Spencer was telling me today exactly what he wanted his pumpkin to look like next year, cute boy).
Spencer's, Bailey's, then Natalie's pumpkins

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Binkie and Scissors Please

As I was bathing the kids tonight I called down to Brett and asked him to bring me Tanner's binkie and a pair of scissors. His only comment to me when he got to the room: "I'm losing my baby tonight". That is because Tanner's binkie "broke" tonight (or rather we cut the top of the nipple off) and in Brett's mind the only thing keeping him a baby was his binkie. I let Brett know that it was going to be harder on him than it was going to be on Tanner and I think I was right. Yes, it was a little harder to go down tonight than normal, but we have success. . .
. . .Tanner's first binkie-less night!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am a horrible mother

When my alarm went off this morning, I woke up thinking to myself what a good nights sleep I got last night. No crying kids, no middle of the night potty breaks, no one asking me to put a blanket on them, and an overall comfortable night for this pregnant body of mine. I turned off my alarm and lay in bed just a couple of minute enjoying a great nights sleep. I could only enjoy for a couple of minutes though because I knew if I didn't get out of bed our entire morning schedule would be thrown off. So I headed off to the girl's room to wake them up. . .

I flip on the light and find Bailey laying on the wrong end of her bed, which is not unusual because she is a restless sleeper, but she is completely dressed for the day. Hmm, that is weird. And then I really look around the room. There is a pile of at least 30 wipes wodded on the floor. Bailey's pajama shirt is on the floor with puke all over it. There are two huge spots at the head of her bed that once were filled with throw up, but had been cleaned up (thus the wipes on the floor). And there is puke in miscellaneous places around the room, including splattered on three different walls.

My poor Bailey girl threw up not only once, but twice in her room in the middle of the night, without me knowing it, and proceeded to clean it up, clean herself up, get dressed and go back to bed. Honestly, what kind of mother am I to not hear any of this going on. Not only that, but there is throw up on the light switch, so she had to have turned on the light and I didn't notice that?!? Please!

So I start taking the sheets off her bed and am trying to determine where to go from there when Bailey says, "Mom there is some in the bathroom, too". I go into the bathroom and there is puke all over the wall, the bathroom rug, the shower curtain and toilet as well. And there are her pajama pants (how come I didn't notice that her pajama pants weren't in the room?).

So just to recap, my poor, poor Bailey girl (just 3 years old mind you) wakes up in the middle of the night, throws up twice in her room, goes to the bathroom and throws up at least twice in there, turns on lights, tries to clean everything up, gets dressed, turns off the light and goes back to sleep on the "clean" side of her bed without her mother even budging a muscle.

Yes, I had a great nights sleep last night, but not without tears this morning for not being there when my daughter needed me.