Monday, March 31, 2008

Bailey's Birthday

Bailey turned two on March 7th. Sometimes I think that she is 2 going on 16. There is a lot of personality in that little body of hers. We had a fun night with homemade pizza for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. If you look closely at this picture, you can see that the candles are already blown out. Brett likes to video us singing and I like to have a still picture of the kids blowing, so we compromise and our kids get to act out blowing the candles after they have already blown them out. I know, I know, silly parents.Grandpa Bruschke was able to join us for the festivities.
If you wonder why the focus is off on these pictures it is because Spencer was our photographer. He did get good pictures of the gifts that Bailey got, but for the most part focused on them and not the people in the pictures. Bailey received the first sand toys that our family has ever owned. I know that is sad, especially since Spencer if four, but we haven't really lived where we could use them until we moved back here, so now we are stocking up.
Bailey got a cute little toaster and microwave from Grandma and Grandpa to go with the kitchen that she got for Christmas. . .
. . .and new bedding for hers (and Natalie's) bed.
Bailey shares her birthday with her cousin Taylor. They were born down the hall for each other, just 58 minutes apart, so of course they had to celebrate together. Here is a picture of them opening a gift. . .
. . .and a picture of what they got. They really are the best of friends. Whenever we get together they run up to each other and give big hugs.
And finally a picture of their shared birthday cake, Strawberry Shortcake. Daniel couldn't help but be part of the fun.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Haircuts

While in Arizona visiting my parents and siblings I was able to give my sisters new looks. This is the shortest either of them have had their hair (Sorry Mom if that doesn't make you so happy. My Mom loves long hair). I cut about 6 inches off of Becky's hair and about 7 inches off of Liz's. I think that they are both happy with the change, and they look darn cute, if I do say so myself. I really should have gotten before and after pictures. I also cut my mom's hair, but I didn't end up with a picture of her. Sorry we missed getting yours cut Michael and Liz Ann.

Catching up. . .

I have felt so busy lately that sitting down to post anything has seemed a big chore, but I feel that I should have some time this week to catch up on all I've missed. March has been a big month of events: Bailey's birthday, Easter, a trip out to Grandma and Grandpa Higham's, so I have lots of pictures to post, but for now here are some random pics of the kidlings.Tanners first solids.
Spencer, Natalie and Bailey completely enthralled in their computer game.
Can you say Bruschke Circus? If you look closely you can see Spencer is behind Natalie on Brett's left foot. The real challenge will come when Tanner is old enough to play.
Bailey and Tanner hanging out.
Such happy kids. Spencer is quite the "colorer". He is also quite the perfectionist. When he colors he like to have something to look at to pattern his coloring after. If you look closely you can see that he is looking at a picture of this car on the computer. Stearn concentration.Tanner smiling for the camera. He is getting way too big, way too fast.
Natalie and her "Tanner Boy" as she calls him.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thumb sucking solution

If you look closely at the picture you can see that Bailey has tape on her thumbs and pointer fingers. She started sucking her thumb as an infant and has had problems ever since. Her thumbs are callused over and occasionally will crack and bleed. In order to stop her from sucking her thumbs we wrapped them with tape. So she moved to her pointers. So we taped those too and she has moved down the line to the point that we tape them all now. But to no avail. Since she has no fingers without tape on them she has decided to go back to her taped thumbs. Anyone have a method to stop thumb sucking that they know will work?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Silly Girl

Natalie came to me asking where Bailey was. She told me she wasn't downstairs, so we went upstairs to find her. We looked all around and still couldn't find her, so we headed back down stairs and this is what I found . . .
. . .she had totally fallen to sleep eating her banana. Doesn't she look so comfy!? I don't know how kids fall to sleep in the places they do.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Kids will be kids

The following is what results when your 3 year old get a hold of the camera. I had over 40 movie clips on my camera before she was done.

Park Day

Self explanatory pictures. We had too good of weather to spend the day trapped inside. Love Southern California!