Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving we had a first for our family. It was the first year that it was just our family. We tried to invite a few different people but got turned down left and right, so it ended up just us. About a week before Thanksgiving Spencer asked if we were going to have Thanksgiving at our house and I told him we were. He asked if we were going to have Turkey and I told him I thought so and asked if he thought that was a good idea. He then asked if we could have ribs instead. I told him I thought we could but we would have to check with Dad. As you can see from the picture, ribs indeed won out and I think this could be a tradition in the making. Who says you have to have turkey on Thanksgiving?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Natalie's School Thanksgiving Feast

Abby Hada, Natalie and Gracie Neilson

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beautiful Sunset

One thing that I was really sad to miss from our old home was the sunsets. I didn't know if we were going to be able to see them like we did from our old house. But I was pleasantly surprised when we had this beautiful sunset the other night. It was awesome.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We've Moved!

Believe it or not, we moved a couple of weeks ago. It is crazy because we weren't even really looking to buy anymore. We have been watching the market for over a year now, making a couple of offers here and there, but had gotten to the point where we had pretty much given up. Some friends from church mentioned that one of their neighbors was moving and that they would be putting the home on the market soon. I was still getting listing updates from the surrounding areas, so when it came up I sent the link to Brett, only mentioning it was the house the Haddocks had told us about (not really mentioning the fact that I loved it). He called me within minutes and told me we needed to check it out and that there was an open house that weekend we could go to. Still not even beginning to get my hopes up I said sure and then dismissed the thought until Saturday when he mentioned again that he wanted to head to the open house. And that was pretty much the end of the story. We walked in the door and the house was perfect, so we left the house, got on the phone with our lender and our Realtor and the rest is history.

We moved in two weeks ago and from day one it has felt like home. Thanks to awesome family and friends, the move was a breeze and we were able to get settled quickly. Moving with kids in school and sports was a lot harder than I thought it would be, trying to pack/unpack between drop-offs and pickups. I think we are down to just a couple of random boxes that may just stay packed forever because I have no idea where to put the stuff.

Here are some pictures of the house. We still haven't hung very many pictures. Those that are hung we just put on nails that were already in the wall, so they might be moved.
This picture is taken standing in the front entry way (the front door is directly behind me). The stairs are directly to my left and head back towards the front of the house (don't know if I explained that one right) and there is a hallway that goes into the kitchen to the left as well.

This is the family room. I couldn't figure out how to get better lighting (which is crazy because the natural light in this house is awesome with lots of windows), so it is what it is. The kitchen is directly behind me, and the front rooms are to my right. The couch was left by the previous owners, which we were so grateful for. They were trying to sell it, but weren't able to find any buyers and asked if it we would mind them leaving it if they didn't sell it. Of course!! We were very excited.

Another angle of the family room.

The kitchen, obviously. I love it, except for the fact that the kitchen cupboards only have one shelf each so it was hard to find places for everything. But I love having an island and it just feels big and spacious.

This is the boys room. Yes all three boys share. It is the biggest of the bedrooms (minus the master), so they got it. One thing I love about the house is that each room has sliding glass mirror doors on the closets. It makes the rooms feel huge.

And the girls room. Natalie says she has the best view in the house, which is true. She gets to lay in bed and look out the little windows to see some rolling hills, etc (as long as she ignores the neighbors houses directly across the street).

This is "Grandpa's Room" or known to most as the guest room. Grandpa stays with us the most, so it is considered his room.

And then we have our bedroom. We love the floor plan because there isn't a ton of wasted space. Our room isn't huge, but we like it that way.

This little room was staged as a nursery when we bought. I am standing in a doorway that connects this room to the master bedroom. The plan is to wall it off and make it another bedroom down the road. And then to our most favorite part of the house. . .


It is so nice to have somewhere to put all of our toys and have somewhere to send the kids to get a little bit of quiet when needed, and not have all the toys in our front room. We didn't think that we would ever have that here (without basements it is hard to come by), so this room alone was a huge selling point to us.

So now that we are all settled I can get back into blogging, right?!? Well, I hope to, and I wish I could say that the move was the reason for the lack of posting, but although it didn't help the posting, it has been more a case of pure laziness for me. I have things to post about from way back in August. A little overwhelming, which is maybe why I haven't gotten back into it, but hopefully I can just get over it and move on.

Can't Help But Smile