Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tired Bailey Girl

Eating dinner the other night I looked over to find Bailey fast asleep. She hadn't had a nap that day and was extremely tired. I can't even imagine how tired one would have to be to fall asleep sitting up at the dinner table, but she was there. After we took this picture we took her up to bed and she ended up sleeping 13 hours that night. I guess she really needed it.


Tara and Bob said...

I feel like that sometimes too.

I wanted to tell you how cute Spencer was when we were practicing for the primary program. He would belt out the songs and get excited when it was his turn to go say his part in the mic. I can tell you guys really worked with him by knowing the songs and his part. It was awesome, he is sooo cute!

Sarah said...

I wish I could just fall asleep when I was tierd!! The joys of being a child right? She is so cute!

Ali said...

Classic. It's a good thing she's not tall enough yet for her face to be IN her food! :)

Higham Inc. said...

Very nice...she must have been so tired.
So Doug said we're a "go" for Saturday night. Let us know if you want us to bring any treats over?