Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tanner Boy

Our Tanner boy is walking. All over the place in fact. He has been taking steps for a long time now, but the past week he has been walking everywhere. It is so nice that he has this new found freedom. He seems so much happier and content with life.I put this picture up to show you how little Tanner is. He is actually back on the charts (at his 9 month check up he wasn't on them), but only in the 3rd percentile. I don't know how this can be because he is an incredible eater. Just has a great metabolism I guess.
Along with his walking, he has decided he is a climber too. He loves to get up on our glider. . .
. . .and then sit on the desk with me while I am on the computer. Brett doesn't like it too much though, so I need to put a stop to it. It is hard when it is so cute that he wants to be with me.
I thought this picture was a fun picture of Tanner with his friends Parker and Dallin (Sarah's boy). There have been a couple of occasions now when I have watched both these boys while their moms have been out. I can only imagine what having triplets would be like. But Tanner loves hanging one by them (they don't really interact, just play next to each mostly).
And this last picture is just too cute not to include. This is my sister Sarah's boy Dallin. You can't tell me you don't smile when you look at that!?!

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