Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I know that for a while Sudoku was the game to play, but it seems to have sizzled out for most people. Not for me. I play almost daily on MSN Games. They have a daily puzzle ranging from Easy to Diabolical. It is nice because I can get my fill without getting dragged into playing for hours on end. When I first started playing, I wouldn't even try the hard or diabolical, but now that is what I get excited to play. I know, I know, it is a silly obsession, but when I just need a break and time to think like an adult, I know I can count on Sudoku being there for me.


Sarah said...

It's okay, I play Settlers of Katan like 10 times a day and at night I dream about it...scary I know

Ali said...

...it's probably healthy- it'll probably keep you from getting alzeihmers when you're old or something:) I need to start up something that racks my brain like that.

Beth and Poasa said...

My husband loves Sudoku. The funny thing is it is so random for him. We have contests on the same ones, and I always loose.