Friday, October 10, 2008

Installing a ceiling fan

On Saturday we went out to Doug and Liz's new place so that Brett could help them install a ceiling fan.  It was fun to see their beautiful home.  The ceiling fan turned out to be a little harder to put in than Brett expected and we learned some lessons along the way.
1.  Try to find a ladder taller than 8 feet when you are installing a fan in a 14 foot ceiling.
2.  When you come down the ladder, make sure to bring all tools down with you or they might fall on someones head.
3.  Shaking uncontrollably when you are trying to  fit three small holes over three small screws doesn't make things easy.
4.  If you are going to take pictures with a flash as someone is trying to install anything electrical, make sure to tell them in advance so that they don't think that live wires have just hit one another.
5.  The blades and light have to be attached before the fan will spin.
6.  Taking directions from a 11 month old is probably not the best idea.
And finally,
7.  Trying to fit two big boys on an eight foot ladder doesn't work too well.  I will spare you any more details!


Valerie, Jeremy, Jt, Kaylen and Sam Page said...

that is sooo funny!!! guess they werent thinking when they forgot to put the warning no flash photography o the box ;). it is so nce of you guys to help out...ceilin fans are a pain... jeremy and i had a few issues intalling them in our san jaun home...but your experience looked way more fun.

Ali said...

SCARY. Ya, I would be shaking uncontrollably too!