Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Emily's First Couple Days

This is a sign that Emily and I came home to.  I love how excited my kids are to have Emily in our family.  You would think it would be "another sibling", but each one they get excited about and can't get enough of.
I always forget how little they start.  She looks so tiny in her carseat!

Cousin Alyssa and Emily

This is our neighbor Brian with all the kids.  

Our neighbor Brian and Errin

Emily's second mother.  Such a good helper (look at all that hair on Emily's head!)

Jen (neighbor) and Emily

Talise (neighbor) and Emily

Easton (neighbor) and Emily

Delaney (neighbor) and Emily

Bailey, Emily, Hunter and Mom

Grandpa Bruce and Emily

Uncle Michael and Emily

Hunter and Emily

So peaceful!

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