Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Garden

 A couple of weeks ago we got our garden in.  It took a little bit of work.  There were four bigger bushes and a tree stump that we had to take out, a couple of rose bushes, plus the normal weeds and what not.  The kids were troopers helping out.  For the most part they were just back and forth emptying little trash cans into the big one, but they did their fair share of pulling weeds and helping to dig out stumps.  Here are pictures from the day we planted.
Ultra Dwarf Kieffer Pear tree and a zucchini plant.

 Two green pepper plants, four beef steak tomato plants, two better boy tomato plants and two early girl tomato plants.

 And some kind of onion.

And lastly our cucumber plants.

It is amazing how quickly plants can grow in two weeks.  I should have gotten the same angles on the plants, but I am too lazy to go out and take more pictures.
Can you see how much are pear tree has grown?  Me either, but look at that zucchini grow!

 I'd say we will have zucchinis to pick in less than two weeks.

 The peppers are in the background, with the beef steak tomatoes in the foreground.

 One beef steak, followed by the better boys and the early girls.

 And our cucumber plant with a bean plant behind it.  I don't know if the bean plant it going to make it.  Spencer planted it at school and it was doing great inside, but since we transplants it it hasn't been doing so hot.

So, there you have it.  This post is more for us to remember what we have planted and how it grows and what not, so hopefully you haven't been too bored.


Cami Bruschke said...

I'm so jealous - I miss having a garden! I remember your awesome garden in northern Cal. Can't wait to see the house - and garden - this summer!

jase said...

Getting plants in the ground is always exciting! We just put ours in the ground a couple weeks ago. I'm excited for our cherry and peach trees.

Hope everything turns out for you, especially the cucumbers. Watch for mites on the beans.