Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Furniture Redo

When Brett and I were first married we got this cabinet from Jill,  Brett's sister, who got it from their Grandma Willardson.  We used it for a couple of years in our basement apartment in Provo and when we moved down to Southern California passed it on to Jeff and Ali Hallstrom.  To our surprise they returned it a couple of years later to our home on Tradition.  Although it has served its purpose as a toy cabinet, TV  holder, and blanket cabinet, I have never loved the look of it, so I decided to paint it black.  I went through hundreds of pictures trying to find a before picture, but couldn't find one, so you just get to see the after picture.  I am really happy with how it turned out and love how it looks in our family room.  


Cami Bruschke said...

Looks great! There is so much self satisfaction out of redoing furniture.

Ali said...

Ya, we know that cabinet! That thing will last forever. They don't make furniture like that anymore:) I love the makeover.