Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look out big balls. . .

Have you ever heard of the show "Wipe Out"?  Well, if you have, you will know how crazy it is that my mom and Adam went to the casting call for the show.  Basically, it is a game show about an obstacle course that is over water that contestants are trying to get through and, of course, "wipe out" on.
Mom and Adam waiting in line.

Adam "Flash" Higham
 In the casting call directions it said to bring family and friends and make it fun.  So we brought all of the southern California grandkids to the event.  They were all really good.  We ate lunch there:

 And playing lots of games:

And held up signs to support Grandma Higham and Adam:
It was a long day, but lots of fun too.  Did they get on the show?  We are still not sure, but it was a fun experience none the less.  We will definitely keep you informed if there is something to inform you of.


Cynthia said...

This is one of my daughter's favorite shows. You will definitely have to let us know if they make it on.

Greg said...

Ditto. Wipeout is awesome, if they make us on be sure to share which episode/date it was/is!

Ali said...

SERIOUSLY? Jeff will be super excited to read this post...he's been [this] close to applying before...he's come up with his character and what he'd wear even:) What a fun event for all the grandkids to go to!

Megan Bruschke said...

We love this show! IT would be so fun to see your family on there....hope they make it!