Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love milestones!

First off, Happy Birthday Brett! The big 27. Brett and I have always talked about how once you hit 27 you are old and Brett has hit that point. The kids insisted on candles for his cake (or in his case Congo Cookies), so we went ahead and put all 27 on there.

Even with the help of the kids and lots of nieces and nephews, somehow he wasn't able to blow all the candles out the first time around. I hope that he didn't wish for something that we really need.

As for the other milestones in our lives:
-Spencer is officially ready for kindergarten. This week has been a big one with doctors visits (including immunizations, urine sample, and blood tests, not so excited about those!) and his first dental exam. Both went relatively well (minus a huge blowup when they were drawing his blood). We love our dentist if anyone is looking for one!

-Natalie is finally making it through the night dry. This has been a long haul and although she has been potty trained for nearly two years now, she is finally waking up dry. Hurray! Also, things are clicking for her with swimming and she is loving the water. She loves to have us watch as she puts her head under. She is also allowing Brett to pull her around like an airplane with her face in the water. I am hoping this summer we will have three new swimmers!

-Bailey is officially potty trained (during the day at least). She is wearing big girl underwear, even during naps and we are so excited about it! Spencer and Natalie love it too because Bailey still gets a treat (one jelly bean) if she goes to the bathroom and she shares one with each of them each time. Got to love bribery!

-Tanner, after a very long couple of weeks, has finally broken teeth. Not just one, or two, but three of them. No wonder he has been such an ornery little boy! All of the other kids have gotten their bottom teeth first, but Tanner's first tooth was on the top left. I will try to post a picture tomorrow of it. He is also pulling himself up on everything, including the stairs. The other day I came around the corner and he was already up five stairs. I am going to have to make sure that I keep a better eye on him now!

I love milestones. It tells us where we have been and where we are going. The kids are growing way too fast, but it is so fun to see the excitement and joy in their eyes as they do things and get ready for things in their future.


Higham Inc. said...

Wow Rach I'm impressed with your quick posting. I'm always trying to catch up. Thanks for having Alyssa and I over for dinner the dinner was amazing as always. Thanks Brett for having a birthday so we could celebrate with amazing foodies!

Cynthia said...

Happy birthday Brett!

Good job Rachel and getting another child potty trained. So nice to get kids out of diapers!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Brett! Man you are old...27...yikes! :) And yeah for making it through the night! That is very exciting, not like I know what it's like to not make it through the night, but I can only imagine that is very very exciting. And hello, we need to come and see you guys, it's been too long!

janine said...

Hey Rach, I picked a great day to get caught up on you and yours. I really enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Spencer is going to kindergarten. I think that is a lot bigger milestone then Brett turning 27, sorry Brett. I guess 27 doesn't seem like a big deal since I'll be 27 this year too. I've always told Trav that when we have a kid start school that's when we we really grow-up as a family. So congrats!I think that going out often is important too. We did our first overnight trip without Jonas this month. It was nice to have a break and really miss the little guy!

Ali said...

Great Update on all your kids ;) It's hard to believe Spencer will be in Kindergarten...crazy time flies! Happy Birthday to Brett too!!