Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rainy Days

The last couple of days have been cold, gloomy, rainy and beautiful. I love this kind of weather. I don't know if I would if it was like this all the time, but since we don't get it very often, it is awesome. It is perfect soup weather. It is the kind of weather that makes you want to make a fire in the fireplace and cuddle up in a blanket. The sad thing is that we don't have a wood burning fireplace in our house. We did in our house in Clearlake and we had fires almost every morning and night during the winter. But here we just have one of those gas fireplaces that you flip the switch and the fire comes on. Yes, it is nice and convenient to create a "mood", but it is miserable for putting out any kind of heat. Once Brett and I make our millions, we are going to build a house with lots of fireplaces! Ok, we probably won't ever make millions, but when we do finally sent down and have enough money to actually buy a home, I hope there will be a wood burning fireplace in it.

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Ali said...

It reminds me of HOME. I'm glad that it does that sometimes out there. I'll get a little trunky maybe when it happens, but its always fun, right? Gotta love those soup days.