Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Decorations

We had fun decorating this year. It was hard with the new house knowing where to put everything. Our decorations are still a bunch of random things that we have collected over the few years of our marriage. Hopefully someday we will have enough to have things in every room of the house. As for now, it is just a couple things in the common areas. Having decorations up finally makes it feel like Christmas. It is so much fun to drive around and see all the Christmas lights and decorations around the neighborhoods, streets and shopping centers. Why can't it be like this all year round!?!


Rachel Trotter said...

How cute! I bet the kids love it. We really don't have any decorations yet since this is our first Christmas in our own place. We were given a tree, but that is all we have. I need to get stockings!

Ali said...

I love the little "lit-up" town setups that you have! Those are so cute. I remember my Grandma having those and I would always try and peak inside the lit windows hoping to see a little family inside. Those brought back fun memories! (I swear I'm not a peeping Tom!)