Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's a Miracle!

Ladies and gentleman, for the first time in 8 1/2 years I have NO children in diapers.  Hunter gave us a little miracle when he decided he was done with diapers.  It's true, this "no diaper" thing won't last that long (I've got three months until our little girl is due), but I will take any break that I can get!

Over Christmas break Hunter would inform me any time he had done anything in his diaper.  Last Thursday (a week and a half ago) I decided to pick up some underwear for him while we were at the store and just give it a shot, not expecting anything miraculous.  That afternoon I put the underwear on and although he had three accidents, he also had two successes!  Day 2: two accidents and seven successes.  By day three (Saturday) he didn't even want us to put a diaper on him anymore and he made it through the day without any accidents.  This past week we made it through with just two accidents the whole week and he woke up dry every morning!  So I think that I can officially say that he is "a big boy now".  So exciting!  I wish I could say that there was something magical I did to make this happen, but he was just ready.  Thanks Hunter so this little miracle in our lives!


Megan Bruschke said...

I might be just a tad jealous! However, mostly happy for you! That is amazing! Enjoy the 3 months of diaper-free living!

Kimmay said...

Aside from the joy of potty training, I didn't know you were pregnant! I am due in about a month, so we will have babies close in age. Mine's another boy, so I am getting a bit nervous. I am way outnumbered at this point. We will have to set them up when they get older :)