Thursday, June 16, 2011

Las Flores Open House

It was so much fun to be able to visit the kid's classroom at Open House.  Spencer and Natalie have worked really hard this year and learned so much.  And we owe 99.9% of it to these ladies:
Spencer and Mrs. Boelman

Natalie and Mrs. Spensiero

They both have been incredible teachers to our kids and we are so sad that we won't be going to Las Flores next year and that the younger kids won't be able to experience them as teachers.

I think that the kids felt even more special because, not only was all of our family able to go, but Grandpa Bruschke and Lacey and Landon Gilbert were able to go too.  (Landon Gilbert served in our mission and had returned for a visit with his sister.  We were lucky enough to have them stay with us.  They are awesome.)

And Open House isn't Open House without being able to play on the school playground.  All of these pictures are taken on the kindergarten playground.

Las Flores Elementary we will miss you and are hoping that Wagon Wheel Elementary will be as awesome as you have been.

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Megan Bruschke said...

So fun! Enjoy SUMMER! Wahooo!