Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bailey

I can't believe that our Bailey Girl turned 5 today.  She is growing up way too quickly.  We were able to have the Yee's and Higham's over for dinner tonight, so we prepared a ton of Bailey's dinner of choice, PASTA!
And what is pasta without some breadsticks. . .
(Can I tell you, they don't look pretty, but oh, they taste soooo good!)
And for desert it was all about the sprinkles:  Rainbow chip cupcakes, with rainbow chip frosting, with sprinkles of course.
Uncle Michael got to play with fire while lighting the birthday candles.
And then it was on to the presents.
A new lunch box.
Dragon Tales
And a birthday card with a special message that Grandpa actually got to read to Bailey.
It was a fun night with family.  Thanks Bailey for having a birthday so we could all celebrate.  We love you girl!


mostly sane mother said...

So, I was reading your blog and looking through your pics and I thought, "Wow, Rach got an island!" Totally forgot you got a whole new house, too. I'm a dork! Love and miss you so much.:)

Cynthia said...

i want that breadstick recipe- it looks delicious!

Beth and Poasa said...

Could her smile get any bigger!? How fun! Your girls are so beautiful Rachel!