Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Lumberjack Husband

We have been collecting trees around here. We realized after living in our new home for a couple of months that our fireplace is wood burning (call us crazy for not knowing). Also, for Christmas we got one of those portable fire pits for the backyard. So, instead of paying upwards of $7 a bundle, we decided it would be better to find some wood elsewhere. With the crazy rain storms that we have been having many trees have fallen down and we have been the benefactors of the wood. The city would go in and cut the trunks down into manageable sizes and leave them on the sidewalk for anyone who wanted them. That is where we came in. Brett wanted to go rent a splitter (some big piece of machinery), but I talked him into splitting the wood by hand. I thought that a wedge and a sledge hammer were the way to go, but Brett found that an ax does a much better job. It is crazy the satisfaction he gets out of splitting the wood.

Look at the concentration on his face in this picture.
And the smile when he has split something.
It makes him feel pretty tough (and I might find it pretty hot)!
If anyone has the need to take some aggression out, come on over. We still have lot of wood to split, and Brett wouldn't mind the help (he was pretty sore the next day).


jimmybyu said...

I'm proud of ya Brett! Nothing like plitting a few logs to get you back to your roots :)

Cami Bruschke said...

That's a heck of a lot of wood! Brett's going to be getting out lots of aggression by the time he's done. I do love a wood burning fire though - especially the smell. It will be worth it!

Khayyam said...

We try to bring back wood from our camping trips so we have wood to split for our firepit. It is a lot of fun to split that wood. I'm with you Brett, keep it up (a little at a time so you don't get sore).