Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adam's Wedding

Adam and Shannon got married on June 4th. Can you see the pure joy in their eyes? And it wasn't just for the pictures either. They are constantly smiling when they are together. It is so fun. Anyways, their wedding led of course to family pictures. They turned out pretty cute.

This is a picture of the whole Higham Family (or it was a complete picture until Tami and Shelley went ahead and had babies in the last couple of weeks. Christi and Melanie will be adding a couple more by the end of the year). Kind of crazy that this pure chaos is just going to grow.
And here is Grandpa and Grandma Higham with all the grandkids. They did have pictures with most of the kids smiling, but this is by far my favorite.
And then we have a picture with all the siblings, including those married in. Someday there will be four more individuals in this picture. We barely fit in the frame as is.
And here is a picture of my family. It is weird to think we are all growing up and that Michael is 15 already. Aren't I 15 still? I guess not with the 5 kids I have. Time flies.
And then finally a picture of me and my bro Adam. It was a very fun weekend with all the family in town. Thanks Adam and Shannon for bringing everyone together. It seems a rare opportunity these days!


Ali said...

Gorgeous Family Rachel...such great pictures of everyone! I love that Grandparents with Grandkids idea...wish we would have done that!

Jennifer Dyal said...

15! That doesn't even seem possible. I know it has to be, but seriously!?

Kelly said...

What a beautiful family. Kind of makes me want to have 12 kids...KIND OF :)