Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meeting the Family

With the Flu Season being so bad this year, the kids were not allowed to come to the hospital, so they didn't get to meet Hunter for "two whole days" (as Spencer would put it). Spencer was in school when we came home, so we stopped by and picked him up so he wouldn't miss out on the excitement.
The kid's eyes glowed as they looked at their little brother. Some might think that to them it is just another sibling, but they couldn't wait to hold him and talk to him. They love their baby Hunter.
Bailey, Grandpa Higham and Hunter

Spencer, Grandpa Higham and Hunter

Natalie and Hunter

Tanner and Hunter

Our First Family Picture

Liz, Michael, Grandpa Higham, Rachel and Becky

Tanner, Natalie, Grandpa Higham and Hunter

Grandpa Higham and the famous kiss of the nose of baby Hunter

Tanner, Uncle Michael, Natalie and Hunter (can you tell the kids couldn't leave their brother alone for even a minute while someone else held him?)

Aunt Liz

Uncle Michael and Hunter (that is one big yawn!)

Aunt Becky and Hunter

Natalie's first time holding Hunter on her own

Spencer's first time, all kicked back and relaxed!


Kristyn said...

Sooo cute! I wouldn't be able to leave that little guy alone either!

Cami Bruschke said...

That picture of Spencer holding Hunter at the end is so precious. We look forward to meeting little Hunter and having our turn to hold him. Hopefully the kids will give us a turn (by the time we see him, I'm sure the novelty will have worn off). Hope all is well with 5. I remember when Bryant was born, Craig and I were both like 'we have a lot of kids' - we really felt it then. Your an amazing mom, Rachel, and I'm sure you handle everything and everyone remarkably.