Monday, February 8, 2010

Hunter's First bath

Grandma Higham came to help out the first week after Hunter was born. Not so much came, I guess, since she lives about 5 miles down the road, but she did come over and helped with meals and taking care of the kids. We "let" her go home at nights because Hunter was such a good sleeper. One of the traditions we have is letting Grandma give the first bath after we get home.
As you can tell, Hunter was not so into the whole bath thing. . .

. . .until he got his hair washed and then he was in heaven.

Grandma and a clean and happy baby Hunter.


Carrie Braunalicious said...

Congratulations! What a sweet picture of him having his hair washed and loving it. Hope to see you all soon!

Ali said...

He looks absolutely content. What a sweet tradition. He's adorable.