Wednesday, December 9, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Crazy that it is already Christmas time. I have been waiting and waiting for Christmas to come, and now the season feels like it is pasting too quickly. It has to be my favorite time of year! Last Friday we FINALLY got out to buy our Christmas Tree (yes, it felt like "finally" even though it was only the 4th). I was able to get the lights on that afternoon, but because of a ward party we had to wait on the ornaments until the following day. The kids were troopers in helping me decorate (Brett faded quickly and left decorating to the kids and me) and although the kids are young, they did a great job of spreading the ornaments out. I wish that I could capture in a picture how fun the tree looks, but this is the best your going to get!
This Icicle ornament is my favorite new addition this year.


Sarah said...

You can see how much fun it was for the kids just by the look on their faces! :) So precious! I love the icicle ornaments too...such a pretty tree and fun time of year!

Ali said...

Ya, even in that first picture of the tree I thought- "I love those tear drop ornaments"...apparently they are icicle ornaments- SO pretty!

Brooks and Nikki said...

Very pretty tree! Hope you guys are doing good. =)