Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun at Disneyland

Brett's Company Christmas Party was held at Disneyland this year. What? Disneyland? I know, so cool, huh. Some may think that since we live 30 minutes from Disneyland this would be no big deal, but it was so exciting for us, and the kids couldn't wait to go (we have known for a couple of months this is where is was going to be held and couldn't keep it from the kids). Even with the prospect of 70% chance of rain that day, we packed up and were the second people in line at the gate for the 8:00 opening.
Bailey, Natalie, Tanner and Spencer
The kids showing off their tickets as we waited in line.
I had mittens, 3 umbrellas, 8 trash bags (to use as ponchos), and even a set of clothes to change into had the need arouse (I think it looked like I was packing for a weekend trip to those around us, but you can never be too prepared). When the gates opened we were off like a flash. We hit the Buzz Lightyear ride first (the very first riders of the day), headed over to the Nemo Submarine ride. . .
. . .and then decided to split up so that boys could have fun on the "big" rides. While Spencer and Dad hit Star Tours and Space mountain (which Spencer wasn't all too sure about), Natalie, Bailey, Tanner and I headed over to the Carousel and some of the other Fantasy Land rides.
When we met back up we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean, hit the Haunted Mansion, climbed Tarzan's Tree, and then went on the Jungle Cruise ride. We had a couple of minutes before we had to head over to the Company Lunch Party, so we decide to ride this rocket ride (I have no clue what the real name is). . .
So in the two and a half hours before lunch, we were able to walk on to the 10 rides we were wanting to go on that day. Not too shabby. Lunch was over at the Disneyland Hotel. It was a buffet and a nice break from walking around the park. The food was excellent (yes, I did go back for seconds, and thirds if we are being completely honest), and it was fun to see and talk to some of Brett's coworkers (ok, I do see a lot of them on a weekly basis, but that is besides the point). Brett's boss, Tyson, gave a little presentation, and then it was back to the park. We really thought about going home at that point, since we had already hit most of the rides we wanted to go on, but we still hadn't gone on It's a Small World, so we headed back to the park.

After It's a Small World we headed to Toon Town. The kids favorite part of Toon Town: meeting Mickey Mouse. Somehow we missed Spencer's HUGE hug with Mickey.

After Toon Town we decided to go over to Tom Sawyers Island. Brett and I couldn't remember ever going over there, and it was a pleasant surprise to find all the little caves to walk through. Somehow we missed pictures of it. The best was seeing Brett going through all the little areas, a tight fit for such a big boy.

It was a fun day, and somehow it never rained on us. As we drove home, the drops started coming and by the time we arrived home it was pouring. We couldn't have planned it better. Thank you Advent (Brett's Company) for a great day at Disneyland! We had a blast!


The Redford Family said...

That is awesome! Especially when you don't have to pay for it. Can't beat that. Sounds like you went on the perfect day! So fun!

Michelle said...

I'm glad it was such a perfect day for you guys!!! I've been agraid to go lately, because it usually gets so crowded in December. How are your kids always smiling in every pic? I can take 100 pics of kaleb throughout the day and only get one of him smiling...and he's usually not even looking at the camera, but you have four kids always smiling perfectly :):):)

Aimee said...

that rocket picture is awesome.

Cami Bruschke said...

What a great company party! I'm jealous. Disneyland is so fun thru the eyes of your children.

Cynthia said...

What a great Christmas party!! Sounds like you guys planned well and your timing worked out perfectly!