Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Big Boy

Here is Tanner on his first day of nursery.  I know it isn't a great pictures, but the best we got, so it will have to do.  The other fun news is that he is in a big boy bed.  Ok, not so much a big boy bed, but at least out of the crib.  We just take the crib down and place the mattress on the floor and then we don't have to worry about the falling out of bed stuff.  
With our kids at this age, we have always needed to get them out of the crib so that the next child could use it, and although we don't have that need this time around, we decided that we would just go ahead and take the crib down and see how Tanner handled.  He has his good nights and bad nights.  It has been about 6 weeks now (I know I am slow posting about it), and although there are nights that I wish I could put the crib back up, most of the time I am glad that he has made this transition.  Pretty soon we will be able to put the mattress up too and he can be in a true big boy bed underneath Spencer in the bunk bed.

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Cami said...

That's funny because Bryant's bed looks almost exactly the same. We took his crib down about the same time and he sleeps with a mattress on the trundle pullout (from Ashlyn's room) which is practically on the floor. It was weird for me to take the crib down knowing it was down for good.