Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love puzzles

One of the activities that we did as a family during General Conference was to put together a puzzle that I got for Christmas from my sister, Becky.  It was a perfect puzzle for the family because it only had 300 pieces and they were bigger in size.  I haven't done many puzzles since we started having kids: one because we haven't really had a place to do them and two because the kids seem to take the pieces away and there is nothing as depressing as getting to the last couple of pieces of a puzzle and finding them missing.  I have three kids that love to do puzzles (Tanner isn't big enough to know whether or not he likes puzzles) and I can't wait until they are older when we can work on bigger and harder puzzles together.


Sarah said...

So fun, your kids are so cute! How fun that they are at an age now where they can do "fun" things with you!

Austin Baillio said...

i'm also a big puzzle fan! we would have "puzzle days" on the weekends where we would put together as many puzzles as we could and then take them all down. yah for puzzles!

The Trotter Family said...

I can't believe they were patient enough to work on that with you!