Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pure Chaos?

This is a picture that I forgot to add from the holidays.  This is breakfast one morning.  I am adding it so you can maybe get a glimpse of the chaos of our holidays.  At most points during the week we had these 11 kids together, all 6 years and under.  At some point we also added two more to the mix.  Pure chaos?  To say the least!
Left to right: Hailey, Wesley, Daniel, Morgan, Dallin, Natalie, Tanner, Spencer, Bailey, Morgan and Kelsie.


Michelle said...

You have them all sitting at the same time, so I must say I am impressed :)

Ruth said...

That doesn't look like chaos! I'm glad you're posting again. I need to get caught up too. It's just so much easier to read about everyone else than write about my own boring life. We miss you guys!