Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas Fun

Christmas was a lot of fun this year.  With Brett being gone for the month of December for work, the kids and I spend much of our time at Grandma and Grandpa Higham's house.  Brett was able to make it home on Christmas Eve, just in time for the festivities to begin.
Christmas Eve tradition of opening one present that Santa somehow brings early.  Wonder what it will be?  Pajamas of course.  Can't sleep in old pajamas on Christmas Eve!
Dad and Natalie
Spencer's pure excitement in this picture is awesome.
Natalie with her new pajamas
And Bailey with hers.
Grandpa Higham reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". . .
And everyone listening intently.
My sister Liz and Daniel Yee
My bro Jimmy with Christi and Tori (that is Michael in the background)
Spencer digging for gold.  I was trying to get a picture  of Liz and Daniel who were behind him and didn't even realize what was going on until my sister Tami asked if I was trying to catch Spencer in the act.
Christmas morning waiting to go see what Santa brought.
The group that stayed at Grandma and Grandpas house on Christmas Eve.
Our families stockings
Natalie showing of the new toothbrush she got.
Bailey with her new Buzz Lightyear and a candycane.
And Spencer going through his stocking.
The rest of these pictures are just randoms taken throughout the week during the holidays.  It was so fun to be with family and just relax.  I can't wait until next Christmas when we can do it all over again!
Brett sound asleep with Tanner's binky in his mouth.  He had a few long weeks before Christmas (some 18 hour days) and was greatful for a couple of days of rest before heading back to Northern California.
Tanner and Dallin loved to use eachothers cups.  They were constantly switching with one another.
Jimmy's wife Christi and baby Tori
Many late nights were spend playing the classic game of Spoons.  Our family is a little too competitive for this game (i.e. bent spoons, bleeding cuts, black eyes, etc.), but it was way fun regardless. 
And Tami couldn't be happier to get a spoon.  She did incredibly well, even with here big belly getting in the way.

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Cynthia and Steve said...

What a fun Christmas with all your family. I love the digging for gold picture- too funny!
And your Christmas tree in the next post is beautiful!
Oh and welcome back to the blogging world. I imagine you have been a little busy being a single mom this past month!