Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brett's Version of a Tent

So Friday was a long day. So that night after Brett got home, I was ready to just veg in front of the TV. Of course the kids were still awake, so we let them pick a movie to watch. Spencer asked if we could have popcorn and make a tent. I said I thought that would be ok. The next thing I know Brett has brought in our camping tent (I was picturing a tent made out of blankets and chairs and what not) and is setting it up. The kids loved it and ended up sleeping in it that night. Luckily Brett and I were able to sleep in our own comfy bed, at least for most of the night. Natalie started crying sometime in the early morning, so Brett went downstairs and never came back.


Jennifer Dyal said...

So, I was thinking the same as you. Funny thing... I read you entry outloud to Nate. He didn't think it was that crazy. He said that was what he thought at first. After a second thought, he changed his opinion to blankets (like us normal humans). He thought Brett's idea was no more than typical. Men are so funny. He stays home with Jack now, and it cracks me up the things Jack learns from his dad vs. what I would have taught him. Of course dada is much clearer now a day. Yesterday I came home and Nate was so elated that he had taught Jack how to use a hammer. I can totally picture coming home to a tent in the living room one day. I love the pics, too. Especially the one from inside the tent. The placement of the TV into the opening of the tent is perfect.

Ali and Jeff said...

That is so fun. When Jeff and I were first married, and we bought our first tent- We set it up in the living room and slept in it that night. It was SO exiting. I'm all for indoor campouts with all the outdoor gear. ;) That looks like a lot of fun!

Michelle said...

Kevin has done that twice...althought no one ever SLEEPS in the tent, we just hang out & sleep in our beds!