Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Pictures of Emily

The first 6-8 weeks (I can't remember exactly) of Emily's life were hard. Really hard.  Emily would cry for hours on end, which in turn would make me cry for hours on end.  After talking to some friends about the challenges we were having, one of them suggested changing my diet, starting with dairy.  I took milk completely out of my diet.  Did you know everything has milk in it?  Ok, not everything, but I was amazed at how many things have milk in it that I never thought would.  Emily seemed to get a little better after taking out dairy, and at her 2 month appointment I talked to her pediatrician about her crying.  She recommended  that we try treating her for reflux using Zantac.  Within days she was doing 100% better.  Night and day different.  And I actually started smiling and was excited to have Emily in our family.  Don't get me wrong, I have loved her from day one, but the stress of her crying was extremely challenging.  I thought that maybe it was reflux all along, so I went back on dairy to find out that she is sensitive to that.  I can eat some dairy, just not a bowl of cereal or ice cream, or anything like that.  So most of the pictures I have from Emily's first several weeks of her life are of her sleeping, because if she wasn't sleeping, she was crying.

Look at those long fingers!

One of the few "smile" pictures we have of Emily before Zantac.

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