Monday, August 29, 2011

Clearlake Visit-August 2011

This past August we were able to go visit Clearlake, Ca, where we lived before moving back to Southern California.  We stayed in a hotel for two nights, and the kids thought that was the coolest thing ever, if only because the TV actually worked (we don't have cable here at home).  Our trip was short.  We arrived midday on Saturday, went to dinner with our good friends the Mavy's and a couple of young men from the ward, went swimming where the Mavy's work, and then attended church on Sunday morning before heading out.  Even though the trip was short, it was a blast and we are grateful that we went.  We don't see Ruth and Jason and the kids nearly enough, but whenever we get together it is like being with family:  you start up right where you left off!

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