Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree

You may wonder what this picture has to do with decorating a Christmas tree. Well, as I put the lights on the tree lots of the needles were falling off, so the kids decided the needles would make an awesome bed for their squishies (little rubber animals). Pretty creative. As you can tell, they were very enthralled with what they were doing.

Although there were some tears throughout the process, I "think" we had lots of fun and the tree did get decorated. The kids were great at making sure the ornaments were spread out. I love this tradition of decorating the tree as a family, even if it is chaos during the process.

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Ali said...

How sweet...a bed for the squishies:) Your kids are growing up SO fast, and the older they get, the closer in age they look! They seem to have SO much fun together though- they are lucky to have such a fun fam:)