Monday, June 14, 2010

Stake Service Project

(As you can probably tell, I am in catch up mode on the blog. I seem to do this every month, in hopes to catch up and stay caught up, but it never seems to work. Maybe this time. . .?)

These pictures are from a stake service project that we did at the end of April. We were planting plants along a walking trail back behind the Norman Murray Center. Brett was helping out with Ragnar Relays (another story for another time), so I packed the kids up and headed out to meet up with my Mom and my sister Liz. When we got there the Bakers called us over to help out where they were planting. The kids were troopers planting plants and collecting empty containers. We will have to head out to the trail one of these days to see how the plants are growing.
Luke and Emily Baker and Bailey

Spencer and Emily

Natalie collecting containers

Spencer planting

Natalie planting

Bailey planting

Tanner doing what he does best, looking cute that is!

And a pictures of all of us, still smiling after all of our hard work.
Spencer, Bailey, Mom, Natalie and Tanner

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Cami Bruschke said...

Hey - I recognize those vests! We had the same ones! I loved that they did that all up and down California - on the same day too.