Sunday, November 8, 2009

Outstanding Citizenship

Spencer received an award for "Outstanding Citizenship" this past week and we are so proud of him and the good boy that he is.
Mrs. Peterson, Spencer's teacher, is the one in the black tank top. She is a new teacher at Spencer's school this year (although she has been teaching for 8 years), and so far we love her, and more importantly, Spencer does too.

After we sent Spencer to class, Natalie needed to go to the restroom, so we played with the camera for a little while we waited for her. I thought these pictures turned out cute.


Ali said...

I can't believe how big Spencer is. It seems like just yesterday you guys were in our brand new apartment helping us unload that bed and he was crawling all over the empty floor...Now he's getting awards in SCHOOL?!

Adamson Family said...

I hadn't looked at your blog in forever. I'm glad that Halloween was fun. Great pictures. Your kids are so cute and growing up fast. We had a fun Halloween in CA with my family.

Ruth said...

You're so cute! You should put a picture of you and Brett at the end of all you posts now! ;)