Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For the last four months I have been watching Sarah and Justin's kids every Tuesday while they were coaching the El Toro Varisty Soccer Team. Their season just ended, placing 3rd in CIF. And I am actually sad to see it end. Yes, it was hard to get dinner on the table for 8 kids 6 and under, but it was fun for the kids to play with their cousins and to know that every week we were going to get to be able to see them. Maybe with soccer over now I can convince Sarah to keep the tradition of coming over and we could spend some time together too.
Around the table starting at the top left: Bailey, Natalie, Spencer, Tanner, Daniel, Morgan, Taylor and Dallin
And then this picture is of Tanner's first dinner up to the table. In the past I have always had one of the babies in the high chair feeding themselves and one on the ground with me that I could feed, but I took the chance of putting Tanner up to the table and he did great. Yes, he was a huge mess, but he would have been a mess regardless. I can't believe my baby is getting so big!

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Cami said...

So cute! You have an amazing patience, Rachel. It's really a true gift you have that I admire. I cut Bryant's hair yesterday and so now he really looks like Tanner.