Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our first experience with soccer

Spencer is in his first year of soccer and loving it (does it seem like it is all about Spencer lately? So many things going on with him right now!). Although he isn't too agressive, he likes being right there and involved in everything. His team seems to dominate most of the time. Most of the time Spencer plays halfback, but occasionally he will be put in the sweeper position and it isn't his favorite because he isn't involved in the play at the other end of the field (sounds like his mother).
Here you can see the enthusiasm Spencer has for the game. Too bad he is coming out of the game. A true team player, right?!?
Spencer loves to throw the ball in and seems to excell at it. His coach has him throw the ball in on most occasions. As you can see in the picture, they don't follow the rules too closely. This throw in definitely would have gone to the other team.
Our Spencer sporting number 8 (it was take what you get)
And now you know what we do while Spencer is not in the game. We are so into ourselves that we have to take our own pictures too. Here is Bailey and Mom.Natalie striking a pose (not sure what kind of pose, but a pose none the less)
Tanner chowing down on crackers.


Khayyam said...

they are already playing in positions? david played soccer this past season and they played huddle ball. it was great because whenever the ball actually popped out of the huddle david could dribble down the field and kick at the goal (didn't always make it in). it was pretty exciting. and i've notice a lot of things involving david lately...don't want to leave the others out!
i'm very excited for you and your family. keep us updated on his games.

Ali said...

Wow, it seemed you picked the right sport to get him involved in! His face looks extactic and so cute. Congratulations!

Higham Inc. said...

I love the 2nd pic of Spencer...he's so enthusiastic and it!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. What a darling family you have. It seems like just yesterday your parents were going on a mission and we were all loving primary together. Time flies! It looks like things are good, I'm so happy for you! Of course Spencer is going to be a stand out soccer player - he has Higham in his blood!