Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Busy, Busy Times

It has been a busy six weeks for the Bruschke Family. Mom and Dad Higham got home from their mission on June 29th and since then we have been going non stop. It actually all started the week before they got home. Mom and Dad had all of their furniture and personal belongings stored in a storage unit in El Toro. We wanted to surprise them so before they got home we made 5 trips with Brett's truck and a twenty foot trailer full of their stuff to the house. Thank goodness that we had the help of family and friends to do it all! We were able to get it all done in a couple of days and saved the Saturday before they got home for some fun in the sun. So that was the week before Mom and Dad got home and the the next couple of weeks were full of trying to get them all unpacked and settled. And some fun of course. On the Fourth of July we kept the good old tradition of going to the beach for the day and staying for fireworks that night. I was a little nervous that Brett wouldn't make it through the day (I know most people would probably worry about the kids making it through, but every time we go to the beach, after about 1 1/2 hours, Brett is asking when it is time to go home), but he was a trooper and survived the 12 hour day at the beach. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It stayed overcast much of the day, but when you are out in the sun for that long, a good cloud cover is a blessing. And the fireworks were amazing as usual. Spencer loved the fireworks and asked us which were our favorites. When our favorite ones would come up he was sure to point them out it us. It was adorable. I love the Fourth of July at the beach.

Natalie and Spencer digging a "deep" hole (I think that for every shovel full that they got out they knocked two shovels full back in).

Mom and Dad Higham enjoying their first full day of relaxation.

Jimmy and Christi came down to join us from Utah.

Our happy Tanner boy.

Taylor Yee

Kelsie and Hailey Valgardson

Tami and Hailey

Daniel Yee

Liz Higham

Brett and Rachel

Tanner and Brett

Bailey and Taylor Yee

Tanner and Grandpa Higham

Our attempt at a family picture

Natalie, Spencer and Kelsie wrestling while they wait for the fireworks

The beautiful sunset we had

Bailey and Teddy (doesn't she look so tired?)

Valgardson Family

Daniel, Sarah and Morgan


Sarah said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun at the beach! We missed the traditional day at the beach for the 4th...bummer! I love all the pictures

Ali said...

How nice of you to empty out storage for your parents and move it all back in for them :) Moving is HARD work...and speaking from experience, we recently didn't even have to do the HEAVY work! By the way, remember that big end table you let us "borrow" when you gave us the bed and couch and all? Well we have it and want to know when we can get it back to you! Plus, we'd like to see you too ;) We should plan something sometime.

The Trotter Family said...

How fun! That makes me want a big family...and then I remember how much I hated being pregnant! Oh and Spencer on his TV dreams is so cute. Who knows? It could happen!

Tara and Bob said...

Fun summer times!

I just found your blog so I am adding you to my blog list! How fun!

Have a great rest of the summer!