Sunday, May 18, 2008

Escaping the heat

It has been miserably hot here the past couple of days. Ok, maybe not as miserable as it might be in Texas or Arizona (I haven't watched the news so much, so I don't know for sure), but miserable for Southern California. Each night we open all the windows to try to cool off the house and then we close everything in the morning, hoping the house will stay nice. It helps so much until about four o'clock and then it is too warm inside, so we have been making our way over to our community pool. It is so nice to have a pool so close that we can go enjoy. The kids love the water. Spencer and Natalie chug around with their floaties while Bailey and Tanner play on the stairs. Bailey and Tanner seem to be our true "fish" not minding at all when they go under or get splashed. Spencer and Natalie on the other hand. . .not so much. Hopefully we can break them of that this summer.
Here the kids are getting ready to go: Do you see something wrong with this picture?
Yes, that is Bailey wearing a beany when it is 98 degrees outside. Spencer had put on a baseball cap and she wanted a hat too. Sometimes I wonder about that girl.
Here is our worn out Tanner boy. Every time that we get him out of the water, he almost immediately falls to sleep. Swimming is hard work.
Natalie girl showing off the watermelon that we brought. You can't beat watermelon on a hot day.
Bailey is fearless. Here is Brett and Bailey with their faces in the water blowing bubbles.


Ali said...

Cute video :) I love the beanie too- Jeff has told me tons how much he wants a community pool when we move into a house someday...I hope we can find one! His family has been telling us how hot it's been too- ugh. It looks so NICE in that pool.

Ruth said...

So fun! I wish we had a cool pool close by! We're gonna be bugging Sis. Hollon a lot this summer!
I'm so glad you're out of your blog rut! If that makes any sense!

Aimee said...

Yes! Updates, finally!

We'll be seeing you at the pool!

Kristyn said...

What a nice pool to have so close! And 98 is hot! It's been around 108 here, crazy huh! We've already resorted to leaving on the AC 24/7. It's going to be an awful electric bill these next few momths. I'm glad you guys had fun swimming. Those were some of my favorite memories as a child: swimming, watermelon, and just being exhusted afterward like your little one. What a great way to enjoy the summer months!

Brooke & Aaron said...

Yes, it has been way too hot. Today's been nice, for a change. The pool pictures were all really cute!