Monday, September 17, 2007

Spencer's Birthday

Spencer's birthday was a lot of fun. We had Sarah and kids over, along with Aunt Liz and Grandpa Bruce. Doug was able to come later on for some leftovers and cake and ice cream. We had homemade pizza (BBQ chicken and chicken and pineapple), salad, and grapes for dinner. Was so yummy! And then of course, lots of presents. Spencer is one loved (i.e. spoiled) boy. He is so excited to tell people that he is now 4 years old and a big boy. He still can't understand why he can't play on a soccer team or go to school though. Just one more year I tell him, but that doesn't seem to help. He wants it all now!

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Ali and Jeff said...

Aw- Happy Birthday Spencer! What a fun many kids!! You guys had your hands full! He'll be such a cute soccer playin-school going boy in just a goes by so fast, eh?