Wednesday, August 22, 2007

S'mores in the Kitchen

As part of our "camping experience" we told Spencer that we would make s'mores, but it was late when we got back from the beach, so we put it off for another night. We used the flame from our gas stove and our first attempts at roasting weren't very successful. We ended up with black marshmallows, but the kids loved them anyway. We like to make our s'mores using cookies instead of crackers and chocolate bars. This time I got Fudge Striped Cookies and then some cookies that had caramel and were wrapped in fudge. They were so yummy, although messy! Not as fun as doing it over a campfire, but fun never the less.


Higham Inc. said...

I love Spencer's sinister expression in the pic where he is with Natalie! The blog is looking great!

Valerie Page said...

Hey!!!!! You did it! Yay, so fun to find you guys on here!!!!! I have been meaning to ask jeff and ali for all your contact info, so I can KIT....and now here you are!!!!
I guess I will still have to get it though.....
How are you?????
here is the link to our site..